Deepening and Connecting Practice – How’s it going?

Did you fill out a yellow card and choose one from the basket on Water Communion Sunday as part of our deepening and connecting practice? In November and December, cards will be available at the program table in Fellowship Hall to sign up and draw from. Join us. I have had two wonderful conversations with church members with no other purpose than “getting to know you”. And then there is my tantalizing exchange with my creative 7 year old “bag buddy” which filled me with delight. I draw hope standing next to you as we line up to light candles, or hearing your voice sing out behind me during hymns, or touching your hand during our benediction but I also want to hear your stories and tell you mine. Nothing reduces my anxiety more for the state of our world climate, both environmental and political, than deepening and connecting with other people, one-on-one.

~Marye Gail Harrison, USH Chair Spiritual Life