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Recent Sermons:

07-19-15 Marye, Marye....How Does Our Spiritual Garden Grow?

07-05-15 Coming Home - Rev. Rebecca M. Bryan

05-03-15 On Belonging - Rev. Cathy Rion Starr

02-01-15 Changing Our Minds - Marye Gail Harrison

10-26-14 Plenty And Some - Rev. Heather Rion Starr

09-21-14 Trusting Others, Trusting Ourselves - Rev. Megan Lloyd Joiner

08-10-14 Reflecting on our Renewal - Pulpit Guest, Bill LaPorte-Bryan

07-20-14 The Spark of Renewal: Wow, I Didn't See That Coming Part II - Pulpit Guest, Brian Harvey

07-13-14 The Spark of Renewal: Wow, I Didn't See That Coming - Pulpit Guest, Brian Harvey

05-25-14 Making the Shapes of Justice - Ashley Makar

12-29-13 Poetry Sunday: A Quilt for All Seasons

05-05-13 - The Principles by Matthew Primm, Wold Premier Presentation (The UU Principles set to music with other interrelated service elements.)

02-24-13 - The Sacredness Of Saying Goodbye To Life - Rev. Linda Huff

01-27-13 - Interweave Service: From Accepting to Welcoming - Reflections by Mike Winterfield, Jeff Blanchette, Rich Charbonneau and Bill LaPorte-Bryan  

12-30-12 Finding Resilience - Sue Smolski

08-05-12 Finding Peace in Your Heart: The Three Refuges of Buddhism - Margaret Leicach

07-22-12 A Passion for Poems and Painting - Marye Gail Harrison

07-15-12 The Death Penalty: Fair or Arbitrary and Politically Biased - Jane C. Winterfield

07-01-12 The Gift of Listening Deeply - Bill LaPorte-Bryan

04-15-12 Social Justice Connects Us With Our Spirituality - Mike Winterfield

03-25-12 Out in the Pews - David C. Newton

2-26-12 From This We Live - Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull

2-19-12 With Whole Hearts and Minds - N. Elgo

1-22-12 Who Will I Be When I Grow Up? - Marye Gail Harrison

05-01-11 Transforming By Giving Back - USH members who are involved in The Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity & Justice (GHICEJ) (Audio only)

04-10-11 Can You Keep a Secret - Rev. Aaron R. Payson (Audio only)

02-20-11 Belief and Community - Rev. Mitra Rahnema (Audio only)

02-13-11 Men on Love - Hugh Schweitzer, Peter Olguin & David Princiipe (Audio)

12-26-1 0 The distinction Between Happiness and Joy - Jen Cook (Audio only)

06-06-10 Everything from Balloons to Churches: LGBT Pride Sunday - Gail M. Syring (Audio Version)

05-02-10 Radical Amazement - Gail M. Syring

04-11-10 On Man's Thoughts on Religion - Roy Cook (Audio only)

03-28-10 - God's Shoelace - Diane Cadrain (Audio Version)

01-31-10 What Does a Bag of Carrots have to do with Public Health in Hartford? - Martha Page

11-29-09 Local Peace - Greg Nickett

08-30-09 Preparing for Mabon - Gail M. Syring

08-16-09 Entering Older Adulthood: In Celebration of Hope - Sue Smolski

08-02-09 Mystery and Wonder - Sue Kinney

07-12-09 Buddhism Within Unitarian Universalism - Margaret Leicach

06-28-09 Mind-Body-Spirit Healing - Susan Huntington, PA. JD

06-14-09 Emerging from the Shadows into Community - Gail M. Syring, DRE

03-29-09 Doing Dialogue; Living Life Together - Dr. Heidi Hadsell

02-29-09 Building the World we Dream About Multi-Voiced Sermon - Dr Mark A. Hicks

02-15-09 Revitalizing America - Karl E. Peters

01-04-09 Justice is Flowing - Charlie Clements, UUSC President & CEO

08-17-08 We are the Weaver, We are the Web - Gail M. Syring

08-03-08 Unitarian Universalism’s 2nd Principle: Justice, equity and compassion in human relations - Heather Ferguson-Hull

07-20-08 Love is the Spirit of This Church - Nina Elgo

07-13-08 The Right of Conscience and the Use of the Democratic Process in our Congregations and Society at Large: An Indigenous Perspective - Cedric Woods

07-06-08 The Quantum, the Cosmos, and Doing the Right Thing - Ron Mallett

06-29-08 Who Will I BE When I Grow Up?- Marye Gail Harrison

04-06-08 Hindu Thought and Ritual as Exemplified in the Hindu Wedding Ceremony - Dr.  Sheenu Srinivasan

02-24-08 - Why Should an A-Theist be Interested in Eschatology? - Ed Savage

02-03-08 Now, Forward - Andy Bauer

01-20-08 Rebalancing Your Intangible Assets - Mike Roy

12-30-07 Bigger, Better, Faster, More - Gail M. Syring

12-02-07 Small Wonders:  Unexpected Moments That Change Our Life - Dr. Al  Herzog, MD

10-14-07 Events of Grace - Karl E. Peters

09-16-07 Alone Together - John Stowe

08-26-07 Who Are We - Really? Bill LaPorte-Bryan

08-12-07 Big Rocks & Golden Handcuffs - Karla & David Principe

08-05-07 A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose, Or Is It? - Carolyn Cartland

07-22-07 Starry, Starry Night - Marye Gail Harrison

07-15-07 Learning the Principles by Heart - Leslie Becknell (by link to the UUA website. Reference may change after a time)

07-01-07 The Many Faces of Power - Rebecca Bryan

06-24-07 The Practice of Compassion - Elli Findly

10-22-06 Global Reconciliation and the UN Millenium Goals - Joyce Milliken

10-15-06 God is the Problem - Carl S. Dudley, Faculty Emeritus, Hartford Seminary

8-27-06 The Importance of Community Service - Charles Huntington, USH President

8-14-06 On the Frontier of Time - Karl E. Peters

8-6-06 Great Compassion - Marye Gail Harrison

7-30-06 From the Philippines to Unitarianism Universalism
– A Cultural and Spiritual Odyssey     Nina Elgo

6-25-06 The Crises We Face and the Great Turning - The Rev. Douglas Wilson

5-28-06 We Can End War - Fred Louis

1-8-06 Metaphors of Spiritual Transformation Karl E. Peters

11/27/05 Spiritual Practices - Going Deeper into Life - Marye Gail Harrison

8/14/05 Religion and Values on TV #1 Rev. Arline Conan Sutherland

7/17/05 At Play With God: Rev. Arline Conan Sutherland

7/10/05 Growing Spiritually Together: Andrew Millard

7/3/05 Democracy and Independence: Charles Huntington

6/05/05 Thus Do We Covenant: Arline Conan Sutherland

4/11/05 Terasa Cooley Homily Stewardship Sunday

3-6-05 Joy - Fruitless or Fruitful? - Service Leader: Rebecca Judd

8/1/04 Equality knocks: It's Time to Stretch! - John K. Currie

6/27/04 In This Moment

6/20/04 More Reflections on Fathers and Fathering

10/10/03 A Time For Vision

7/6/03 Poetry Sunday

6/15/03 Reflections on Fathers and Fathering

10/6/02 Choosing from the Heart

8/21/02 Religion and Values on TV #2 Rev. Arline Conan Sutherland

8/18/02 UUA Beginnings

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