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Service 10:30 AM


July 5 – August 16 at the Unitarian Society of Hartford
***Seven Principles Summer***

During the months of July and August this year at USH, there will be a series of services with the theme of “Seven Principles Summer.” Each of the services, from July 5 through August 16, will be connected to one of our seven Unitarian Universalist Principles.

July 5 / 1st Principle: The inherent worth and dignity of every person - Universal Salvation in the light of South Carolina - Universal salvation was the foundation for our Universalist forbearers and thus lay the groundwork for our first principle. Rebecca will explore how our Universalist roots lay the groundwork for our first principle; the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Understanding the history, what does it take to live this principle in our 21st century lives. Specifically how do we as UU's respond to situations like the recent shootings in South Carolina?

Rev. Rebecca Bryan returns as a guest preacher to USH with great joy and gratitude. Rebecca was recently ordained at All Souls in New London, CT where she was welcomed into the ministry by her mentors including Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley and Rev. Carolyn Patierno. It was wonderful to share this sacred occasion with several USH members including David and Janice Newton, Jim and Ellie Venneman and Marye Gail Harrison.

Worship Associate: Laurie Kelliher

Rebecca is the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Parish of Monson, MA and is doing consulting work with the New England Region of the UUA and All Souls New London. Their work focuses on the possibility of shared professional services for congregations in the region and effective church volunteerism in today’s climate.

July 12 / 2nd Principle: Justice, equity and compassion in human relations - Gerry Dillenbach - We seem to share a deep ecological bond between equitable justice on the left side of our brain, and, on the right side, compassionate empathy. Taoists may recognize this bipolarity of justice and compassion with the power of Yang, Left-hemisphere dominant, and the nurturing value of Right-brained Yin, without and within, convex and concave, Janus faces of natural systems, including human bicameral nature. This same equivalent natural-spiritual balance between bipolar functions of consciousness may also look and feel familiar as Universal Yang-justice meeting and gracefully greeting Unitarian Yin's compassionate mindfulness.

This primal relationship of natural-justice with spirited-compassion, when comprehensively comprehended across paradigms of logic, rationality, and ethical norms, may move us toward Buckminster Fuller's Universal Intelligent Synergy (Unitarian energy), revolutioning dynamic dimensions of consciousness.
Worship Associate: Sue Smolski

July 19 / 3rd Principle: Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations - Marye Gail Harrison will be leading the service.
Sue Smolski will be Worship Associate for this service.

July 26 / 4th Principle: A free and responsible search for truth and meaning- “Notes from Life-Long UUs” service / Confirmed participants: Martha Bradley, Rob and Jonah Spector, Rick Tsukada, & Chris Wilt.
Worship Associate: Margaret Leicach

August 2 / 5th Principle: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large - Brian Harvey leading and speaking on the principle with additional sharings from General Assembly 2015 participants.
Worship Associate: Sue Smolski

August 9 / 6th Principle: The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all - Patrice Fitzgerald & Richard Leslie will be leading the service.

August 16 / 7th Principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. UU Intern Minister in Meriden Kayla Parker will be leading worship.
Worship Associate: Margaret Leacach

August 23 - Rev. Heather Rion Starr will be back in the pulpit.

August 30 - Rev. Cathy Rion Starr will be back in the pulpit.
Worship Associate: Ann LaPorte-Bryan

September 6 - Sue Smolski Leads a poetry Sevice

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