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chalice50 Bloomfield Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105
Tel: (860) 233-9897 / FAX 233-1333
Email: firstunitarian@ushartford.com
Revs. Cathy & Heather Rion Starr

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Worshiping Together Since 1830
(Religious Education, Nursery & Childcare )
Service 10:30 AM


April 26 - Special Earth Day service - Earth Day is empty — worse than empty — unless we use it to yank ourselves out of the fairy tale. The fairy tale says: Earth is inert. We are separate. Earth is dead. It doesn’t matter/could’ve been nice/wasn’t meant to be. Too bad. Oh well. Quiet now, please, the game is coming on.

The truth is stunning:  Earth is cascading life. Our life braided with all other. The braid holy. Denying this turns our world and our days and our souls to stone.

Who are you? What will you dare do with your remaining seconds?

Worship Associate: Edith Savage

May 24 Remembering Wallace - Rev. Heather Rion Starr - A special Memorial Day weekend service on Wallace Stevens' life & poetry with a special walk following the service where we'll leave the Meeting House together and do as much of the 13 Blackbirds walk as people are up for, with a brown-bag picnic in Elizabeth Park if people are into that. Here are details about the walk, including a map! All are welcome, there may be a registration just to learn how many plan to come, produce copies of the map, etc. More details may follow closer to the date.

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