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April 6, 2014 Music Sunday - Modulation: Elegant Change - Celebrating the Music of Franz Schubert - Our Spring Music Sunday will serve as the conclusion to the musical topics we have previously encountered in the summer on July 28th, 2013 (Spirituality and Music) and December 8th, 2013 (All the Wrong Notes for the Right Reasons) with the subject of change. Daunting and yet captivating, longed for and yet avoided, instant and yet life enduring; change takes on many faces and is present everywhere, including (and especially) music. Through the music of Franz Schubert (including his Mass in G, Sanctus for Palm Sunday, Erlkönig and Ave Maria), we will explore the shapes of change and how music has seemed to deal with everything from outrageous and stark transitions to gradual implementations of style -- how might we learn from this?

Special guest artist baritone Chai-Lun Yeh will appear as a soloist in the mass in addition to presenting two art songs, one of which will be featured during our Time For All Ages. Additionally, we will welcome a twelve-piece string orchestra that will accompany the combined forces of the USH Chancel Choir and the WHUC Choir. This is a musical celebration you don't want to miss!
Worship Associate:  Sue Smolski

April 13, 2014    Earth Day Service Special guest Michael Prager speaks of sustainability as the key to life and not just environmentally speaking

Michael Prager believes in the power to change, born not from faith but experience. His trial was excess weight, begun as a fat kid and flowered as an obese adolescent, surpassing 300 pounds for the first time at age 15 and twice more before topping out at 365 pounds at age 33.

During that time, he lost more than 130 pounds twice, and lesser amounts more times, but never kept it off. If you’d asked him why back then, he would have said a) I know what I need to do; I just need to work a little harder,  or b) I don’t know. Today, he's maintaining a 155-pound loss for better than 20 years.

His first book,"Fat Boy Thin Man," broadens the obesity discussion in America to include the effect of food addiction and the value of lifestyle changes, rather than merely food-plan changes. The book reached No. 40 on Amazon’s general list.

His current work interprets his experiences on a deeper level, so that its lessons inform any healthy personal change, rather than just addressing obesity. His second book, “It Matters,” contrasts global sustainability with personal sustainability, his term for resolving personal challenges reliably over a long period.

His work has been covered by ABC’s “World News Tonight,” NPR, the Washington Post, and dozens of print, television, radio, and internet outlets.

Before devoting his professional life to this work, Prager was a daily newspaper journalist for 30 years, most recently for 14 years editing the Boston Globe, and 9 years at the Hartford Courant before that. His essays, news and feature stories, reviews, and op-eds have appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines.

Prager is blessed with a wife, Georgina, who believes both in him and his mission to communicate these ideas, and a son, Joseph. The family lives together in Arlington, Mass.

Worship Associate:  Zean Gassmann
Music:  Prelude and choral anthem by our composer-in-residence, Andrey Stolyarov.  Offertory sung by Patrice Fitzgerald.  Postlude by J.S. Bach.

April 20, 2014 Easter Sunday:  On the Road to Emmaus - In her poem “Song on the Road to Emmaus,” Dorothea Solle writes:   “So long we have been walking away from the city of our hope, where our hope is still buried. Then we met someone who shared his bread with us [and] showed us the new water.”    On Easter Sunday we’ll re-visit the ancient story from Luke’s gospel about an impossible encounter on a dusty Judean road long ago.   
Speaker:  Rev. David Johnson
Worship Associate:  Laurie Kelliher
Music:  Choral, organ, and instrumental (string quartet) selections by our composer-in-residence, Andrey Stolyarov.  Choral anthem “The Lord Is My Shepherd” by Howard Goodall, with Rebecca Pacuk as soprano soloist.
Welcoming Ceremony for New Members.

April 27, 2014 - Candidating Week Begins - The worship service will be planned and led by our ministerial candidate, assisted by the Ministerial Search Committee.  Topic to be announced.
Worship Associate:  Laurie Kelliher

May 04, 2014 - Candidating Week Ends - The worship service will be planned and led by our ministerial candidate, assisted by the Ministerial Search Committee.  Topic to be announced.
Worship Associate:  Margaret Leicach
Immediately following the worship service, a meeting of voting members of USH will be convened to cast ballots on calling the ministerial candidate to become USH’s next settled minister.

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