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Revs. Cathy & Heather Rion Starr

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Worshiping Together Since 1830
(Religious Education, Nursery & Childcare )
Service 10:30 AM


July 27 - Seeking Renewal - Guest Speaker: Tim Duston
Our cosmos swirls, expanding and changing.  From one second to the next, nothing stays the same.  We, as created beings, are made of the same substance as the stars.  Thus, like our ever-evolving universe, we experience changes over the course of our lives.  Let us embrace all of these changes and see them as a process by which we are constantly renewed.
Worship Associate:  Ann LaPorte-Bryan

August 3 Seeking Renewal ( Part II) This service is the second half of the dyad begun on July 27th.  Most of the service will be the same as the July 27th service, with one exception.  Instead of Tim Duston’s full sermon, congregants will hear a brief summary of the major themes of the sermon, after which they will be invited, as they are so moved, to share their own experiences related to the theme of the service, following the covenant used in Small Group Ministry
Worship Associate:  Ann La Porte-Bryan

August 10 - Reflecting on our Renewal - Bill La Porte-Bryan - We come to church for many different reasons. Perhaps a church, or a minister, or a sermon can’t please everyone all of the time.  But is it too much to expect a church to provide a place where all of its members and friends can feel better about themselves, find a home, can satisfy their spiritual needs, whatever they might be? 
Worship Associate:  Sue Smolski

August 17 - Savoring Sabbath - The Rev. Cathy Rion Starr
Worship Associate:  Sue Smolski

August 24 - Choosing to Enter - The Rev. Heather Rion Starr
Worship Associate:  Edith Savage

August 31 - Preaching from the Choir - Richard Leslie &
 Patrice Fitzgerald -
Richard Leslie and Patrice Fitzgerald will use remarks, poetry and music to explore the connection between music and the spirit.
Worship Associate:  Laurie Kelliher



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