Stewardship 2018

Our Blue Boat Home Pledge Drive Update:

Our Blue Boat Home will soon be sailing into Pledge Success Harbor, but we’re not docked quite yet!
A hundred of you have attended our 14 Neighborhood Gatherings where we’ve deepened our connections, shared what USH means to us, enjoyed good food and conversation, and completed pledge forms.


Many thanks to all who have pledged generously! Thanks to you, we are well on our way to a successful pledge drive, with an average of 14% increase over last year’s pledges. Special thanks to the 20 households who have increased their pledge amount by over 20%, and to all those who have used the Fair Share Contribution Guide to pledge.


If you have not yet pledged, we invite you to get on board before the ship sails! No amount is too small or too large (our pledges range from $50 to over $20,000 a year), we simply ask you to look at the Fair Share Contribution Guide and make a pledge that is meaningful and generous for you. There is a table in the Foyer and in Fellowship Hall with everything you need to make your pledge. We need your pledge this week to include it in our budget planning for next year.

We ask you to learn about fair share giving and to use this Stewardship-Fair-Share-Contribution-Guide to guide your giving.


For more information, contact Kate Gervais at 860-690-5467 or

For a copy of the Pledge Card click below:
Caron Lanouette, a member of the  2018 Stewardship Committee, gave a testimonial during the February 18 Sunday Service, read below: