Thoughts on Spiritual Life by Marye Gail Harrison: Well Balanced Spiritual Nourishment

Thoughts on Spiritual Life by Marye Gail Harrison


We all know about the major food groups in our diets but what about the major nourishment  groups in our spiritual life? Remember by spiritual life, I mean, that which makes you feel alive, worthwhile  and connected to the larger whole of life. The Unitarian Universalist Association “Tapestry of Faith” web site identifies 8 areas of spiritual nourishment and growth: 1) Body practices like Tai Chi and dancing, 2) Soul practices like art and music and writing, 3) Life practices like “walking your talk” with family, friends and people you meet as well as Stewardship at USH, 4) Justice practices like supporting Green Sanctuary and Race Matters. 5) Personal spiritual practices like meditation and journaling, 6) Communal Worship Practices through Sunday morning worship and lighting a chalice at the beginning of meetings 7) Spiritual partnerships like Small Group Ministry and pastoral care, 8) Mind practices like book groups, film discussions and courses that expand ones’ understanding. Here at Unitarian Society of Hartford we offer a healthy, balanced spiritual “diet” in all 8 of these areas for both adults of all ages and stages and children. A wise person periodically tastes a new new “spiritual food group”.  What new “food” have you tried lately?  ~Marye Gail Harrison, Chair Spiritual Life, USH Board. To read Marye Gail’s previous article click HERE.