USH Needs You— Get Active with USH! Committee and Sub-Council Openings

USH Needs You—
Get Active with USH! Committee and Sub-Council Openings

We are in process of filling open positions on various Board committees and sub-councils. If you are interested in becoming more engaged at USH, or just learning more about the activities of our congregation, we encourage you to reach out to a Board member, one of the Ministers, or the Chair of a particular Council, Sub-council or Committee.  

  • Membership Sub-council: The face of USH to visitors, welcoming them, encouraging their engagement with USH, managing the path to membership, and nurturing members to ensure integration and long-term membership at USH. Manages member engagement activities such as pancake breakfasts, the annual picnic and new member potluck dinner.
  • Choir & Musicians: Join the choir, or bring your musical talents to a single worship service.
  • Stewardship Sub-council: Develops strategy for stewardship and manages the annual stewardship drive.  Oversees fundraising activities and manages select fundraising activities such as the annual auction.
  • Adult Programs: Strategy and management of adult programs overall and of specific program offerings.
  • Religious Education: Teachers, assistants, office volunteers  and other support for our growing RE program. 
  • Building and Grounds: Responsible for recommending capital budgets to the Finance Sub-council and Board and for directing many building maintenance and improvement activities. 
  • Denominational Affairs: Keep USH connected and informed of news and activity at the regional and national level – there’s so much we could be tapping into! 
  • Human Resources: Develop a long term staffing strategy, keep our HR policies and practices updated
  • Nominating and Leadership Development Committee— Recommends candidates for nomination to the Board of Directors (for a vote of the congregation at the Annual Meeting) and to the Endowment Committee (for a vote of the Board of Directors).  Help to evolve leadership development activities at USH.
  • Endowment Committee: Responsible for the prudent investment of the assets of the endowment.  
  • Planned Giving: This committee is being re-vitalized to prepare for and execute a planned giving strategy in FY2019.  In the first year, it will take advantage of 10% matching funds (designated for operations) that are available through a UUA-related program known as Wake Now Our Vision, funded by the Shelter Rock UU foundation.  
  • Audit Committee: Examines the books and records of USH and its governing bodies and operating councils and committees.  The focus is on controls and sound accounting and reporting practices. 
  • Safe Congregation Committee: Responsible for developing policy and implementing practices to ensure appropriate practices are in place and managed to provide a safe environment for our children.
  • Circle Supper Coordinator: Coordinate monthly or occasional Circle Suppers at USH member homes that bring together newer-comers and longtimers for a social potluck evening.
  • Caring Network Sub-council: Provides comfort and assistance, as needed, to members and friends in various ways, such as cards, phone calls, meals, rides, or visits.

Other areas for involvement during FY2019:
Social justice activities; Worship Associates; Preparation for a capital campaign; Meeting house security; Communications and web management.

If interested, contact:
Sherry Manetta, President; 860-604-0805 /
Joe Rubin, President-elect; 860-539-3586 /
The Revs: 860-233-9897×103 /  or