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USH-Enews February 2, 2012

Rev. Katie Lee Crane's Office Hours

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Happy Groundhog Day!

Worshipping Together Since 1830 Service 10:30 AM

Sunday Service

2-5 Prophets of Winter: The Bear’s Fart & Other Stories - Rev. Katie Lee Crane & friends - Join us for this light-hearted but serious worship service for people of all ages. Drawing on ancient spiritual beliefs rooted in many indigenous agrarian cultures of the Northern Hemisphere, we explore again how people made meanings by observing seasonal changes. On Sunday we will learn about the eight Sabbats – solar celebrations – of the traditional pagan wheel of the year. In particular, we will explore what meanings we might be able to glean from the ancient festival of Imbolc (IM bulk) which marks the cross-quarter day, halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. As Unitarian Universalists we draw from many sources of inspiration. One such source includes the spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Warning: You can expect a certain “earthiness” in our worship on Sunday.

On February 5th we will have a 'First Sunday USH Connections’ session after the worship service. These sessions provide an opportunity to meet the minister and other church leaders and members. The conversation is geared to visitors and you are welcome to attend as many as you like. We have moved the location from the lower lobby to the library in order to have more quiet and privacy.

Katie Lee to offer a 3-part conversation on UU Ideas & Ideals More

Art News - Janice Warren, Sunday February 5th will be our last day to appreciate the Ambulatory exhibit of Janice Warren's intriguing art. She will be with us in Fellowship Hall after the service and happy to explain her creative process. Cards and prints will be available - Sara Sturges

Reflections on Children's Programming

Religious Education lessons for January 29, 2012

Nursery care is available downstairs after the start of the service..

This Week’s Links

This Week’s Feature Articles

Celebrating our resilience - That’s the spirit of our 2012 Stewardship campaign, and it’s appropriate:  despite the deep divisions that split our congregation a few months ago, we’re coming together again, creating a community that recognizes that our unity is more important than our differences.

This turn of events is as delightful as it is gratifying. We are pulling together now, with a vibrant and dedicated group of worship associates creating thoughtful and spiritually nourishing services, a youth program that continues to impress us with its community work, a caring network that continues to look after our members in need of warm support, a performing arts program that opens its doors to the music community and the world at large, a committed Green Sanctuary group, and more.
In all this, we still feel the sting of the loss of those who left us.  Besides an emotional void, their departure leaves us with an economic void.

That’s why, as we celebrate our resilience, we also acknowledge a financial fragility.  We need to express our celebration with tangible financial commitment that affirms our will to go on and acknowledges the truth that our unity is more important than our divisions.

And that’s why we need to achieve an average pledge increase of 25% to meet our goal and get back on track with all of our essential services--no frills.  Not everyone will be able to do that, and so we need to rely on the responsibility and fairness of those who can, especially those who have not yet been meeting the UUA fair share of 2% – 4% of gross income, to rise to the occasion and reach that level this year.  Let’s all pull together to make it happen.

Benefit for My Sister's Place Successful - For the past eleven years, the USH Youth Group has had an annual fund raising event to benefit My Sister’s Place. This charity has been in operation in Hartford for 28 years. They have multiple locations that provide for the essential needs of homeless mothers and their children. In the past, the vehicle for raising money was an event called “Sleeping Out in Boxes.” Due to the “Halloween Snowstorm” this fall, the event was canceled.

In its place, last week over 100 congregants enjoyed the pure pleasure of having someone else make a Sunday morning pancake breakfast complete with bacon, juice, and coffee and all for $5 per person or $15 per family. Youth Group members and adults from the Great Decisions group along with other USH volunteers showed up at 8 o’clock to set up the dining and serving areas, heat the grills and prepare the pancake batter. Doors opened at 9 o’clock and the large tables provided individuals and families an environment to chat with others and make new or deeper acquaintances. People hung around until 10:20 as the number of diners and lingerers continued to grow.

The kitchen and serving area offered a great opportunity to have the “kids” working with adults  (other than their parents or teachers) and being part of a team cranking out a quality product. There were plain, chocolate chip and even a few “vanity” pancakes (your first initial made up using chocolate chips.) All this community building generated over $500. Combined with other offering money, we raised $1,450 for a very worthy charity. Additionally, we delivered the surplus pancakes to the soup kitchen “Church Street Eats” at Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford. This is another organization with which we have a long-standing relationship, so our efforts benefitted two charities on the same day.

Afterwards, some folks were talking of making Pancake Breakfasts a regular event on a given Sunday of every month. The proceeds could go to the General Fund (which would qualify for the matching grant money) and/or a portion to a charity or project of the Youth Group’s choosing. The organizers of this event were Denise Ackeifi, Liz Garmise, Janice & David Newton, and Ed Savage.  Let them know your thoughts! Thanks to the volunteers who staffed our Youth Pancake Breakfast to benefit My Sisters' Place: Youth Group Members, Dense Ackeifi, Sherry Manetta, Brian Harvey, Stu Spence, Peter Magistri, Diana Heymann, David Newton, Janice Newton, Ed Savage, Peter Olguin, and Louise Schmoll.

For more information on My Sister’s Place, go to http://www.sistersplacect.org.- Brian Harvey

Board Members Discuss Activities at Meeting Under the Stairs - Several USH board members kicked off the board's monthly "under-the-stairs" opportunity for people to exchange ideas, ask questions, and generally find out what's going on in Meeting House governance. About 10 folks dropped by to ask about the Interim Minister search process, roles of board members, how the budget is developed, our upcoming stewardship campaign, and sundry other topics. We hope those who participated found the experience interesting and/or helpful, and invite feedback on your thoughts — both generally and specifically — on informal meetings of this type. The next Meet the Board session will be February 26, at 11:45, and we look forward to talking with you then.

And, the Board of Directors next meets on Valentine's Day, February 14. A portion of this meeting will be open; specific times for public attendance and participation can be found next week in eNews.

Buddha's Corner

From "Taking the Measure of Mind," by Barry Boyce,  Shambhala Sun, March 2012:

"In the newly created Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, (at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) prominent neuroscientist Richie Davidson and his team try to see how far our minds can go and how many ways meditation can help us.... Levinson thinks a healthy mind may be one that balances its use of mental resources... ' A wandering mind is not a free mind,' he says, 'if you're wandering through tomorrow's plans and future goals when you meant to pay attention to the experience at hand...
Mind wandering can provide the opportunity to envision your future, which could perhaps lead to clarity and perspective,' he says, 'and yet a healthy reprieve from overthinking can free your mind to enjoy the life right in front of you.  We may also tend to let our mind wander when our mental energy has been depleted, but with resting a wandering mind, through a meditative discipline perhaps, may more effectively restore our mental resources.' "

USH offers Meditation and Dharma Gathering every Wednesday night on a drop in basis. Come join us to learn or hone your meditation process!

Dinner with Buddha Planned for April 20th. Mark you calendars now.

Join us for “Dinner with the Buddha” Friday, April 20, 2012

5:30      Snacks and beverages
6:00      Buddhist Blessing Before Eating
6:05      Dinner
6:30      Movie “The Buddha”
8:30      Dessert and discussion (optional, of course)

Tickets: Snacks, dinner, movie, dessert & discussion  $18.00; For those over 65 or under 10 - $15.00;
Movie, dessert & discussion only - $12.00

Please, please register by April 13th so we know our budget for food.
·      Sundays in Fellowship Hall beginning at 11:45 (after worship).
·      Or call the office 860-233-9897 to register using a credit card.

Put it into your calendar now.  

View the movie trailer here: The Buddha, A Film by David Grubin - This documentary for PBS by award-winning filmmaker David Grubin and narrated by Richard Gere, tells the story of the Buddha’s life, a journey especially relevant to our own bewildering times of violent change and spiritual confusion. It features the work of some of the world’s greatest artists and sculptors, who across two millennia have depicted the Buddha’s life in art rich in beauty and complexity. Hear insights into the ancient narrative by contemporary Buddhists, including Pulitzer Prize winning poet W.S. Merwin and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Join the conversation and learn more about meditation, the history of Buddhism, and how to incorporate the Buddha’s teachings on compassion and mindfulness into daily life.- Margaret Leicach

Recent Fund Raising Performance by Katie Laporta Jesensky may now be viewed on YouTube

Hot Jazz is Coming to USH. - Get your tickets now for "Love that Jazz!"  Fellowship Hall will be turned into a cabaret on Saturday, February 11th, at 7:30 when we host an international jazz trio headed by Alex Nakhimovsky on keyboard.  Alex, originally from Russia, has performed throughout the US and abroad, including at the Village Gate and as the musical director and pianist on cruise ships which have docked in six continents.  He and his bass and drummer sidemen will certainly get the joint jumpin' on the Saturday before Valentine's Day.  

Headliners are husband-and-wife cabaret specialists Patrice Fitzgerald and Richard Leslie, with Richard throwing in some trumpet licks as the couple presents both romantic and up-tempo favorites.  Edith Savage and Paul Hansen will also entertain us with their own inimitable vocal stylings.  February is a great month for love... come join us for a wonderful night of music, and your heart will swell to the beat of these sizzling standards!  

This event is a fundraiser where all proceeds go directly to the GENERAL FUND of the Society, with profits to be matched by our generous anonymous donor.  Please invite your friends, family, and neighbors.  Invite your neighbor's friends and family too!  A marvelous night will be had by all.

It’s BYOB with munchies provided, though you may feel free to bring some of your own favorite things. Come feel the vibe on a hot night at the Meeting House!  Tickets available via phone, after services, or at the door.  $30/$15.

SAP RISING: One day retreat with CC King and Pam Swing  (for men and women) Saturday, March 3, 9:30 AM to 3:30PM More

Social Justice Journeys (From the UUA)

 Justice for Janitors Picket at Kingswood Oxford (February 2):  The Kingswood Oxford School (West Hartford) is one of the most respected educational institutions in the Greater Hartford area.  Tuition is $32,771 per year for each day school student.  Kingswood Oxford contracts with ServiceMaster for janitorial services.  The nine cleaning workers (under contract with Service Master) were making $8.25 per hour with no health benefits.  They were forced to work while injured despite doctors' orders that they stay home.  Ultimately, all were fired for speaking Spanish and talking to school staff.

The Hartford Organizing Group and other allies are accordingly calling on Kingswood Oxford to take a stand against discrimination and support the workers fight for justice.  We will be picketing directly across from Kingswood Oxford (corner of Trout Brook and Memorial) on Thursday, February 2 from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM.  Every person's support matters!

Kingswood Oxford is reviewing the current situation.  The school has issued a public statement noting that "In light of the recent events that have been brought to our attention, Kingswood Oxford is in the process of reviewing our current relationship with ServiceMaster."
- Mike Winterfield

Social Justice Task Force Launching ... Our Social Justice Task Force will start working this Sunday. The eight members, friends, and youth members are embarking on a review of our church's SJ efforts and an attempt to set some realistic goals for the next few years which will raise Social Justice to a higher priority in the work of our congregation.  We will meet on the first Sunday of each month.

Ed Savage has proposed  rough plan of action for the group :

  • Session 1. Overview /history -  Joan Kemble / Tom Kemble  / Ron
    Friedman / Rich Hall
  • Session 2. Opportunities -- detailed results from the SJ survey in the fall
     -- follow up -- check out various  social service agencies on the web.
  • Session 3. Capabilities --  how to assess various  categories of helpers 
    and levels of commitment. Develop an interview questionnaire.
  • Session 4. Reports back -- ideas for further study and proposals for
    action.  Agency interviews -- Will the agency “fit” well with us ?
  • Session 5. Report draft /review. – our recommendations for
    Congregational discussion and action at the Annual Meeting or a series
    of cottage discussions

The SJ Task Force volunteers are  Amber Garbalosa, AJ Garbalosa, Denise Ackeifi, Ron Friedman, Dick Hall, John Bengston, and Youth Group participants.   They represent some experienced members, some visitors and new members, and the youth whose perspective and energy powered our full-filling Pancake Breakfast last week.  In particular, they are folks who have observed but not been participants in the on-going social justice projects.  Perhaps that perspective will provide a more objective and creative assessment of the Meetinghouse's Social Justice missions.

We're excited about  helping the Meetinghouse move Social Justice into a higher priority in our services to each other
and the greater Hartford communities. - Ed Savage

Thanks to everyone who remembered to bring in their old cell/smart phones!! A second box of collected phones was shipped out this week. Some people have inquired as to how long we will keep the program active. As long as there are cell phones to recycle, we will continue to collect them!!! Ask your friends and family for their phones, too. It seems everyone has an old phone they no longer use. Each used cell/smart phone is worth money to USH. While they do not pay us for the chargers, they accept them for recycling.

The cell phone box will be in the front lobby every Sunday, just waiting for your donation!

Thanks - Donna Ferber

Mike Winterfield to speak at peace conference

Three FREE  Panel Discussions

Poverty, Peace, Planet Earth and the Prophetic Voice

EartbThree panel discussions presented by Hartford Seminary, the Hartford Public Library, Charter Oak Cultural Center and the Conference of Churches on Tuesday, March 20; Tuesday, April 24; Wednesday, June 6

Bob Edgar, President of Common Cause, says that each of us must step up “with an interfaith courageous  commitment to address peace, poverty and Planet Earth." This series of panel discussions will examine the community’s responsibility toward poverty, peace, and planet Earth from an interfaith and public policy  perspective. The discussions will touch on the religions’ place in American society and how they should use that place to reflect the prophetic, theological voice on these three issues with additional comment from community leaders.

Register at  www.hartsem.edu/events 

Faith-Filled and Faithful -“Today we’re talking about the things that make us come alive,” was a comment  Reverend Katie Lee asked and answered several times during the Sunday, January 29 service.

For this writer, there were so many things that made me come alive, including a before-service pancake breakfast given by the youth group, singing songs and saying words together and, especially, having the chance to display and tell the congregation about our Comfort Shawl Ministry.

The profit from the pancake breakfast plus this Sunday’s Good Neighbor Offering will go My Sisters’ Place, a safe haven for battered women in Hartford since 1982.

Worship Associate (aren’t they the greatest!) Edith Savage started it, as she gave the welcome and community greeting, draped in her comfort shawl, then offered a gift of 30 pairs of her own knitting needles to the USH knitters.

Although not “officially” on duty, twelve members of the choir lined up at the foot of the chancel to sing “The Fire of Commitment” as the choral call to worship.  The congregation was invited to join in the chorus and, later in the service, it was our final hymn. 

For Reverend Katie Lee, the words in that hymn (written by two Unitarian ministers), “say what I have been trying to say throughout the service…that’s where we come alive.”  They are:

“When the fire of commitment sets our mind and soul ablaze
 When our hunger and our passion meet to call us on our way
  When we live with deep assurance of the flame that burns within
  Then our promise finds fulfillment and our future can begin.”

Reverend Katie Lee answered her question, “What makes you come alive?” in various ways.    What you name in answer to the question is a “spiritual practice” and, she continued, “if done often, is a spiritual discipline.”  Gardening, especially weeding, is one answer for her. Planting, weeding, mulching, harvesting are acts to replenish creation.

 But it goes beyond an individual practice; think about how gardeners like to give away their produce, teach others, start community gardens.  “Extending our hands and our hearts is a part of our shared ministry,” she reminded us.

Adversity is another example, Reverend Katie Lee said.  It can be constructive and can transform us.  If we accept it, we can use it to learn on a deeper level.  Our faith is nourished by the way we live our values.  We have choices daily to receive, care, give back.

Why do we come together in a congregation like this one?” was yet another question.  Reverend Katie Lee’s answers:
            To walk together.
            To join hearts and hands in service of justice and peace.
            To engage with the community in spiritual practice.
“This takes effort and dedication and is not always easy.  Faith is a very personal quality, which we have to define for ourselves.”

HopeReverend Katie Lee was wearing the comfort shawl she was given when she arrived at the USH.  Many shawls were draped across the chancel.  Throughout the congregation, many shawls were worn by their owners.  “We give people a comfort shawl just to let them know we care,” she said.  She suggested that the knitters are also comforted as they sit together and knit (once a month, under the stairs at the Meeting House, and individually just about everywhere else).  The congregation joined the minister to bless/dedicate the comfort shawls and their creators.  She said she hoped the words of the dedication “would be sprinkled on every shawl”:

Take courage friends, The way is often hard, the path is never clear, and the stakes are very high.
Take courage. For deep down, there is another truth; you are not alone. - Kayla Costenoble, knitter

On Friday, February 10, our Dinner and Movie series will feature a $10 pizza dinner and the 1992 Steve Martin film, “Leap of Faith”  Martin plays flamboyant faith healer Rev. Jonas Nightengale, holding a revival in Rustwater, Kansas, after one of his trucks broke down there. The movie is rated PG. You can watch a trailer here

“The point of Leap of Faith is well worth pondering —
miracles cannot be summoned by command;
they happen spontaneously, by grace, and often to those who least expect them.”*


". . . the lively story of an Elmer Gantry for the computer age.” *

We’ll gather at 5:30 for popcorn and libations, with dinner at 6, followed by the film and optional conversation led by Roy Cook, who counts this as one of his favorite movies. If you have extra time and would like to help with set-up, arrive about 4:45 – 5 PM; helping hands always appreciated.

You may register and pay ($10 each, cash, check, or credit card) at the Programs table during coffee hour next Sunday, You may also call Janice at 860-677-1121 with your reservation; tell her (or the machine) your choice of vegetarian or meat pizza and beer or soda. You can then pay by cash or check the evening of the movie.

Please reserve by Wednesday, February 8.  If you have any questions, call 860-693-4269.

*Quotes from the Rotten Tomatoes website, where you will find reviews to read

Small Group Ministry: What are the numbers? - Two and seven:  those are the significant numbers for Small Group Ministry this week.

Two is the number of spaces left in the Monday night SGM at the Meeting House.  Enjoy the facilitation of Ron Friedman and the hosting of Carolyn Cartland.  Enjoy eight interesting topics and the company of people who are already your friends or who soon will become friends.  Enjoy refreshments.  Practice listening.

Seven is the number of spaces left in the Wednesday night Meditation SGM.  Enjoy relaxing, winding down, creating a period of peace in your life, for your life.  Appreciate the facilitation of Margaret Leicach and the hosting of Carolyn Cartland.  Support innovation in Small Group Ministry.  (We need three more people in this group to avoid cancellation.)  This group will meet only four times; try us.

Zero is the number of spaces left in other groups, although we will, of course, accept names for waiting lists in case registrants drop out before the start of our meetings.  Most groups will begin at the end of February; Meditation SGM begins in March.

For easy registration, stop by the Programs Table in Fellowship Hall after Sunday services or call Janice Newton at 860-677-1121.

If you need further information to help you make up your mind, call Kayla Costenoble at 860-243-2425 or Bev Spence at 860-658-9557.  And read these words of praise for Small Group Ministry experiences from Steve J. Crump, Senior Minister of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge:  “The fact that adults meet for two hours to be together for quality face-to-face meeting is a rare and remarkable experience in our high-tech low-touch rush-at-the-speed of light world…I consider such precious time an achievement of the post-modern time…This is holy meeting.”

Our American Heritage - Hello Friends, We are extending a warm, personal invitation, to all who wish to experience an evening of beautiful, rousing, accessible choral music, to buy tickets for yourselves, your family and friends for the following event:

OUR AMERICAN HERITAGE, a concert to be performed at the Unitarian Society of Hartford on Saturday evening, February 25, at 7:30 PM by the HARTFORD CHORALE CHAMBER SINGERS

General Admission, $15; Premium seating, $30. Purchase tickets at coffee hour, over the phone to Brian, USH office, 860-233-9897, or at the door. There will be a snow date.

The concert will run about an hour in length and the pieces will include outstanding choral works written by American composers and in American traditions. There is a group of Gospel songs, composed and arranged by some of the best contributors to this genre ever to be produced in this country, including the incomparable Moses Hogan. Other stunningly beautiful pieces are Bobby McFerrin's, "The 23rd Psalm", Aaron Copland's "The Promise of Living," two pieces from Randall Thompsons's famed "Frostiana, along with a particularly soulful arrangement of "Shenandoah"; just to name a few selections on the program.

We hope that you will brave the February chill to come and be heart warmed by a group of dedicated musicians, devoted to bringing you a quality performance, paying homage to the talented composers who have gifted us with these musical treasures. At the same time you will be raising money for USH, money that will be doubled by the terms of the matching grant generously and anonymously donated to USH. So come and support the USH by enjoying an evening of splendid music. Thank you so much.

Here is the flyer.

Edith Savage, Chamber Singers and USH member
Nancy Mandly, Chamber Singers and USH member
Douglas-Jayd Burn, Chamber Singers accompanist and USH Interim Music Director

The USH Book Group will discuss Peter Hoeg’s 1995 novel, Smilla’s Sense of Snow at the next meeting, Thursday, February 16 at the home of Jean and Richard in Avon.

From Amazon.com: “Smilla Jaspersen, half Danish, half Greenlander, attempts to understand the death of a small boy who falls from the roof of her apartment building. Her childhood in Greenland gives her an appreciation for the complex structures of snow and when she notices that the boy's footprints show he ran to his death, she decides to find out who was chasing him . . . . The unusual setting, gripping plot, and compelling central character add up to one of the most fascinating and literate thrillers of recent years.”

To counteract the chilliness of the setting of the novel, hosts Jean and Richard have decided to provide a hot meal – chili with corn bread – for those Book Club attendees who wish to arrive at 5:30 to eat together, discuss the book, then watch the two hour film based on the book. They’ll need to know how many are coming, though, to know how much chili to make. So if interested, please call them at 860-678-1030 by Monday, February 13.

About the film, the NYT review said, “a sleek, good-looking film that captures the book's peculiar fascination.”

All who like to discuss books are welcome; newcomers are encouraged! As usual, the group will also take a brief look at some poetry; bring an old or new favorite to share, if you like.

The Thursday, March 29 meeting will focus on Julian Barnes’ latest, The Sense of An Ending. Warning: some local libraries have a long waiting list for this title. - Nita

Alliance Program Sunday, Feb. 19: UU Getaways for Adults and Families - On Sunday, February 19, the Women’s Alliance of USH will present another program for all members and friends.  The topic is, UU Getaways for Adults and Families, about UU camps and conference centers.  Roy Cook, a Star Island advocate, and Bruce Robbins, champion of Rowe Camp, will provide information and personal experiences.  

Star IslandThe program will be held at 12:15 after service, allowing time for folks to purchase soup offered by the Youth Group or to eat a sandwich brought from home.  We haven’t located speakers experienced with other UU centers, like Ferry Beach, but perhaps some of you will show up to represent them during the program. - Nita

What Else is Happening

Lunch Bunch February 21st. -The Speaker for our meeting on Tuesday February 21 will  be Bob Kelly who will discuss, Power to the People - Should Nuclear Power be in Your Future?

Adult Programs - The next Friday Dinner and Movie will be on February 10. There are also a few openings for the Spring Small Group Ministry that will be starting the end of February. A one day retreat is being offered March 3, SAP Rising. In today’s USH e-news, read all about “Dinner with the Buddha.” For more information and to register for these programs, stop by the Programs Table on Sunday during coffee hour.

Friday $10 Pizza Dinner and Movie Night, February 10, featuring “Leap of Faith”. More
Spring Small Group Ministry More
SAP Rising, one day retreat, Saturday, March 3 More
Dinner with the Buddha, Friday, April 20, beginning at 5:30. More

Ongoing Programs:
USH Meditation and Dharma Gathering
, New Series of Talks, continuing on Wednesdays, 5:45 – 7:00 PM.
Nonviolent Communication Practice Group,
Wednesdays, 7:15 – 9:00 PM.

You may also call Janice Newton (860.677.1121) or email her at dcnewton(at sign)snet.net) to register.

Katie Lee to offer a 3-part conversation on UU Ideas & Ideals - Even long-time Unitarian Universalists are surprised at what they learn in conversations like this one. And newcomers are eager to explore, especially in the company of other UUs. Join our minister for a three-part conversation about Unitarian Universalism: its history, its evolution to the religion we are today, and maybe some prognostications about its future. Participants will have plenty of opportunity to ask their own questions and to discern what the group most wants to cover in its time together.

There will be two separate series of three sessions each. The Sunday Series meets after worship on Sundays: 3/11, 3/18 and 4/1. We will offer a light lunch. The Tuesday Series will meet at 7 PM on Tuesdays: 3/20, 3/27 and 4/3 7 to 8:30 PM. (Yes, there will be snacks!)

Each series is limited to a maximum 20 participants and requires a minimum of eight registrations. Registrants are strongly encouraged to attend all three sessions of the series.

Choose the series that fits your schedule. Register by March 1. Enrollment is limited to 20 participants; a minimum of eight is required. We ask that you commit to attend all three sessions. Please see additional information.

Stop by the Program Table at Coffee Hour or contact Janice Newton to sign up for the series that fits your schedule.


Green Topics - Did you Know? Celebrate “Meatless Monday” or become a “Weekday Vegetarian” for 40 days. It takes 27 times more petroleum to produce a hamburger than it does a soy burger

On the Calendar - Please notify Brian Mullen of all additions or changes to the calendar. Follow this link to all our scheduled events.

A Matter of Opinion

The Caring Corner

Caring Network - Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in
the small ones.
--- Phillips Brooks (1835-1893) American Bishop

If you know of any member experiencing some difficulty, please contact Janice Newton or call the office so we can provide some assistance. - before 10:30 on Sunday. A wide range of community services is also available to those in need by calling InfoLine at 211. Please contact Janice if you are able to volunteer your services.

Transitions - The Transitions group meets the first Thursday of every month at 11 AM in David’s Den. Our next meeting is Thursday, February 2. Any and all friends and members of USH undergoing life transitions and challenges (moving, care giving, loss and grief of any kind) are welcome. If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn Cartland at crcartland1 at Comcast.net or Diana Heyman at heydiana42 at gmail.com

External Events and Educational Notes

Inspiring Congregational Growth - A program planned for March 3, 2012: 9 - 2:30 PM First Paris Church in Weston, MA - More information here.

Further Down The Road (About 30 Days)

noteFrom the Editor: Suggestions for Contributors.


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