Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM)

USH has created a 20-member AIM task force, many of whom identify as having a disability, charged with the following mission:

To welcome, integrate, and support people with physical or psychological disabilities and their families in our congregation.

To support this mission, the task force is currently working on several activities, offering workshops and developing projects. The task force has offered a workshop on the AIM  work at the UU state conference, Cluster Connections. It has also led a Sunday service focused on accessibility and inclusion entitled “Sharing Our Stories” and hosted the “Free At Last Players” workshop focused on reducing mental illness stigma.

AIM task force meeting minutes are posted in the Member section of this website.

There are six task force sub groups:

  • Mobility
  • Perception
  • Mental Health
  • Food and Chemical Sensitivities
  • Learning and Intellectual Disabilities
  • Chronic Pain and Illness

If you would like an orientation tour of the Meeting House during the week, please contact the church office at 860-233-9817 to make arrangements.