Spiritual Life blog: Keeping the well of our spirit full with Wellspring

I am very excited that USH is participating with the other two Unitarian Universalist churches in greater Hartford in the Wellspring spiritual development program. Follow this link for more info about Wellspring at USH and the region. Three times in my life I have had the chance to take part in a group program where people explored their relationship to the big questions of life and its meaning for them. Each of them helped me be a more open, accepting person and to find my own place in a larger sense of life itself. Once was in college in a year-long program with commitments to reading, discussions and regular chapel. Once was in my early 60’s when Rev Jon Luopa pointed me toward a local Spiritual Direction program which he used himself. I have continued seeking support from my spiritual director since then. I also participated for 5 years in a Boston based spiritual development program which focused on weekend workshops every other month, monthly individual sessions with a teacher, reflection, deep listening, many spiritual practices like meditation and other mindful activities. But I have never found a UU program that was as comprehensive as any of these others. Now there is Wellspring, developed by Unitarian Universalists, for us. Wellspring is grounded in the tried and true practices people the world over have found helpful, ways that help connect their deepest intentions, their spirit, with the larger whole and live more joyfully with sustained commitment. Wellspring is a big commitment for a big result. Maybe it’s the right thing for you now or later. ~Marye Gail Harrison, USH Board Spiritual Life Chair