Quest Faith forward and UU Wellsprings

Whether you are experiencing joy or pain, share your truth with others and thus your inner light. In this way we “Bring back the Light!” Looking ahead to 2019: a dozen UU congregations are now using Quest, Faith Forward and UU Wellsprings, all adult spiritual development programs, created by Madison (WI), Dallas and Rochester UUs. Spiritual Development in this case means supporting becoming a better person, one with an ongoing meaningful life. We all have the potential to keep developing meaning in our lives by practicing inner reflection and outward service together. This search for meaning is amplified and steadied in a committed UU congregation. Look for opportunities in 2019 to explore how such programs here at USH would support our mission, goals and personal needs. Hopefully we will hire an Intern Minister in 2020 who might assist us in this process. ~Blessings be, Marye Gail Harrison, Spiritual Life chair, USH Board of Directors