Act, Learn, Worship & Give to dismantle White Supremacy

We are called to live our faith in the world, and right now (and always), this means doing our part to dismantle white supremacy and work for a world where Black Lives Matter.

May we find the actions that advance justice, following Black leadership. May we learn and grow our spirits in the service of beloved community. May we give generously of our time and money in the service of transformation.

To Black folk: we see and honor you.

To other People of Color: we see you, honor you, and invite you to show up with Black folks

To White folks: we see you, and invite you to learn and give and grow and challenge yourself

Susan Leslie from the UUA put together this helpful framework of “Act, Learn, Give” – things that we can all do to dismantle white supremacy and support Black lives right now. These are a combination of resources from Susan, Judy Sullivan, Rev Cathy, and more.

Will you choose something in each category to do, then tell us about it?



  • Black Lives of UU (BLUU)
  • DRUUMM: Unitarian Universalist People of Color Ministry and anti-racist collective
  • Side with Love & UU College of Social Justice (UUCSJ) Political Education Series —  Featuring Everette Thompson, Dr. Charlene Sinclair  & others — Coming Soon!


  • Your time and use your influence to recruit others
  • Pledge here to join other UUs to #sharemycheck if you are giving away some of your stimulus check (if you received one). There are also suggestions of where to give!


In Minnesota:

Not sure where to give? Give to USH’s Emergency Fund and specify Black Lives Matter.

Act, Learn & Give: Do this work with others — following leadership, in partnership — and recruit people from your congregation, community, friends, & family. Together we win!