Americans of Conscience Checklist: Week of April 14, 2019

-Submitted by Judy Sullivan, USH Social Justice Chair; Source:

Small things, great love. On the surface, taking one small act might seem too small, even inconsequential. There are no easy solutions to the challenges assaulting our neighbors and our nation. In fact, we would be most helpful to this administration if we simply shut down and shut up. The truth is the story (and its outcome) are still unfolding. It is premature to decide that small steps are futile. We must give history a chance to be written through us. 

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In this week’s Checklist: 
This week, let’s infuse our activism with love. 

  • Action 1: Engage your elected officials at town hall meetings this week.
  • Action 2: Advocate for children experiencing homelessness.
  • Action 3: Advocate with your LGBTQ neighbors for equal protection.
  • Action 4: Support the liberty of your disabled neighbors. 
  • Action 5 & 6: Support fairer elections.
  • Action 7: Support equal representation in presidential elections.
  • Action 8: End the practice of drawing district lines that alienate voters.
  • Action 9: Support religious tolerance and welcome toward new Americans.
  • Action 10: Support greater oversight of ICE. 
  • Action 11: Advocate for the release of a Somali man with tuberculosis.

Here’s the Americans of Conscience Checklist for April 14, 2019.A small request: If you feel inspired, at the link above, please share (leave a comment) about which actions you take this week. Our team of volunteers could use a boost. Gratefully, ~Jen Hofmann