Americans of Conscience Checklist: Week of May 26, 2019

-Submitted by Judy Sullivan, USH Social Justice Chair; Source:

A note from Jen Hofmann

It’s been quite a week, dear reader. With much confusion and many concerning headlines, I want to bring your attention to two powerful, inspiring stories you might have missed.

Concerned citizen, Ana Adlerstein, is connected to us through one of our long-time subscribers. Part of her role at Casa de Migrantes includes supporting people seeking asylum at the Mexico border. This week, she was detained by CBP for four hours, falsely accused of human smuggling, and denied access to counsel and medical care.

When I asked how we could support her, Ana assured me she was fine. In fact, in the midst of her own difficulties, she asked if we’d highlight the story of another US citizen experiencing similar intimidation from CBP. For the humanitarian act of leaving water in the Arizona desert, Dr. Scott Warren may face 20 years in prison.

Ana’s support for Scott moved me deeply–and their solidarity with asylum seekers even more so. While the president seeks to deny basic rights and basic humanity at our border, our brave peers value lives over intimidation and heed their moral compass over fear.

Immigration is a complex issue, but decency is not. When the news overwhelms, when we don’t know what to do, sometimes the best thing is to follow Fred Roger’s advice and seek out the helpers. This week, let’s follow Ana and Scott’s lead. Let us find courage in their example and act in solidarity with them by amplifying their calls for decency, justice, and humanity.

Support Dr. Scott Warren

In a growing trend, DHS is detaining US citizens for providing humanitarian aid in the Arizona desert. Dr. Scott Warren faces 20 years. Call to join No More Deaths’ national phone-in to insist on his release.

Call: Michael Bailey, Interim U.S. Attorney for Arizona at 520-620-7419.
Script: I am a citizen calling from [STATE] to urge U.S. Attorney Bailey to drop all charges against Dr. Scott Warren (docket #CR18-223-TUC-RCC). Given the crisis of death and disappearance of undocumented people on the border, humanitarian aid workers must be allowed to perform their life-saving work without government harassment and prosecution. I oppose the intimidation of aid workers. Thank you.
Sign: Petition to drop charges (Note: Unsub from MoveOn emails after signing.)
: Donate to No More Deaths.