Book Club

The goals of the USH book club are: 

(1) to foster communication and community, as do our other small church groups, and

(2) to read fiction and non-fiction that raise issues of interest to Unitarian Universalists  (recognizing that any and all issues are generally interesting to UUs!).


As with any continuing organization, consistent participation from a core of members is essential to the success of the group; i.e. regular members of the Book Club should attend meetings, read the book selected, recommend books for general reading or for a future meeting and notify the host of the next meeting if they are unable to attend.  We welcome individuals who want to “try out” our sessions or are attracted by a particular book.


Meetings are generally start at 2:30pm on the second Thursday of each month off-site. For more info check the USH-Enews and our Event Calendar.


At the beginning of each session, it has been our custom to share and discuss poetry of interest to a participant.

In our discussions we employ the rules for small group meetings as much as possible with the goal being to patiently hear everyone who wishes to share thoughts and to have as many participate as possible.