Having It All, Spiritual Life blog for June 5 2019

This is my last Spiritual Life Blog as Peter Meny is now your Board chair for Spiritual Life. We are so fortunate to have Peter join the Board once again. I thank all of you who may have read these sharings over the past church year. Writing this blog has helped me feel closer to all of you. At the Board Retreat in June, RevCathy mentioned she had come to think of the 3 parts of our USH mission as a kind of trinity. Paraphrasing her, she said now she better appreciated the “both/and” idea of three and one as expressed in our three part USH mission of nourishing spirit, building community and working for justice. That these three are separate and yet inseparable in our lives is the mystery Rev. Cathy was pointing toward. As we organize our functions at USH, sometimes it feels we have to advocate for only one of the three and that we can’t have it all whether in our committee work, money and staff allocations and even the focus of sermons. It helps me to realize that for my “one wild precious life” to be as whole and healthy as possible, I must integrate all three areas (spirit, community and justice) even though at one time I can only focus on one. And USH as a whole keeps the “trinitarian” space for all three areas, separate and inseparable.

Blessings be, Marye Gail Harrison, immediate past chair for Spiritual Life, USH Board