Religious Education: In Depth

Our Philosophy of Religious Education

Our goal is to help our children and youth:

  • Gain respect and appreciation for themselves, others, all living things and the environment;
  • Become integral parts of our Meeting House community;
  • Develop an awareness of, and appreciation for, our Judeo-Christian heritage and other world religions that influence the formation of our religious beliefs;
  • Experience the joy and inspiration of music and the arts;
  • Become responsible persons who are able to make ethical decisions through which they show their care and concern for all humanity.

How Our Children are Taught

The seven principles are taught using methods based in the sources of our beliefs, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Fostering a continuing sense of wonder using art, science, and social justice projects;
  • Learning about heroes and heroines from UU history and other historical and religious figures who were dedicated to living fair and just  lives;
  • Discovering the ethical and spiritual wisdom of the world’s religions, including our Judeo-Christian heritage;
  • Encouraging the use of logic and reason to discern the answers to life’s questions;
  • Promoting practices that are in harmony with nature, the environment, and the sacred circle of life.

What Our Children Learn

Our children are encouraged to think for themselves, while receiving guidance on moral and ethical behavior. We allow their individual beliefs to unfold without any dogma. Our children learn that all big religious questions have many answers, and it is their responsibility to seek their own truth. Ultimately, we want our children to become mature adults who make their own decisions about what to believe and how to live.

Our religious education program strives to give children the necessary foundation for this lifelong task by focusing on the seven Unitarian Universalist principles in an age-appropriate fashion.

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe:

  • Each person is important;
  • Be kind in all you do;
  • We’re free to learn together;
  • And search for what is true;
  • All people need a voice;
  • Build a fair and peaceful world;
  • We care for Earth’s lifeboat.