Worship Arts

Chalice lightingThe Worship Arts Sub-Council includes worship associates, chancel artists and interested consultants.

Worship Associates assist the co-ministers during the service and lead the service on Sundays when the co-ministers are away.  Worship Associates receive training in planning and running a worship service so that they can maintain the quality and consistency of worship that has become our standard.

The Worship Arts Sub-Council also acts as a sounding board for the co-ministers as they explore ways of deepening and enhancing our worship experience. Worship Associates explore with the co-ministers the theory of worship and examine our own worship experience here at USH.  We regularly review the content and form of our worship and continually explore and study new forms of worship, in order to maintain the highest ongoing quality.

The Chancel Arts Sub-committee works to bring visual expression of the services through creation of chancel art.  The Music Committee serves as liaison among music staff, volunteer musicians, co-ministers and worship associates in facilitating music in worship services.


Below are some examples of Chancel Art, click on the thumbnails for larger image: