Spiritual Life blog March 13, 2019: Take a Small Essential Retreat First

When we face sudden illness in our family or with our friends, it can really shake us. We have all kinds of initial reactions: why her, why so young, why now, can’t they catch a break and so on. Yet soon we have to face what they face and then our own helplessness may set in. What do I have to offer that would really be helpful?  In our rush to fill the void of anguish, we sometimes fail to take a small essential retreat into our own best selves, into our own inner grounded sacred place before we speak or act. Taking a little time to ground and honor our own inner strength first often can sustain and guide us to act most lovingly and wisely. So go within: light a candle, say a prayer, read a favorite poem, sing a healing song, listen to music that calms you. From that nurtured space we bring our greatest ability to hold the other person through their journey and tend our own path at the same time.

Blessed Be, Marye Gail Harrison, Board Chair Spiritual Life  /  To read past blogs, click HERE