Spiritual Life blog: May Our Circles be Opened but Unbroken

What a lovely scene on Flower Communion morning (May 19th) to see the abundance of blossoms waiting to be shared. And then when we all circle the sanctuary, we collectively become the abundant blooming, full of beauty and seeds for new growth.               

When I am part of a group circling up, there is some power that touches me deeply. Maybe ancestral camp fires are burned into my genes, affirmatively answering basic life questions: “Am I loveable? Do I belong? Will I survive?” In the passing eye contact, the squeeze of someone’s hand, I usually experience a sense of well-being, a resounding “YES!”

In Wiccan tradition, the circle is “drawn” and closed to create a scared space for events. Afterwards, the “circle is opened but unbroken.” May all the circles in your life be opened as needed and unbroken. 

 ~Marye Gail Harrison, USH Board Spiritual Life Chai