Spiritual Life, May 8, 2019

Rev. Heather comes to Seabury Retirement Community once a month for conversation and reflection with up to 20 Unitarian Universalists who live there. Her topic this month is how do we go on in tough times. “Many of us are Humanists and we don’t hold a traditional faith that some Force is looking out for us. So can UUism sustain us in hard times?” A new program, Wellspring, which will be offered in UU churches in the Greater Hartford area this fall, explores this experientially. Like the UUA program Beloved Conversations, Wellspring is a significant commitment of time and practice in a small group following a day long retreat. But many people around the country who have participated in it said it deepened and clarified their UU beliefs in ways that did impact how they live. Yes, how do we go on? How do we sustain ourselves and each other in hard times? For sure, it is a journey we take together.

~Marye Gail Harrison, USH Board Chair Spiritual Life