Spiritual Life at the Unitarian Society of Hartford: Spiritual Practices for Advent

Advent – the coming. Starting December 1st many  traditionally count down the days of growing darkness to the 21st Winter Solstice when Light returns or the 25th when we mark the birth of Jesus with Christmas. What might you practice to count the December days? A German Advent calendar?  An item of healthy food per day for Horace Bushnell Food Pantry? An ornament a day on your Christmas Tree?  A hand written card a day to a friend or elderly shut-in? A daily notation in a special gratitude journal?  Since ancient times people have feasted, built bonfires, exchanged gifts and asked for the blessings of the gods and goddesses on their very winter survival and spring renewal.  Daily practices can keep us grounded in reality and love during this time when despair and chaos also reign

~Blessings be, Marye Gail Harrison, Chair of Spiritual Life, USH Board