Spiritual Roots

Sunday 4/7 I had a chance to go back 48 years and celebrate my Unitarian Universalist spiritual roots at Manchester Unitarian Universalist Society East (UUSE). It is their 50th anniversary and last Sunday the “old timers” told the story of the first decade of which I was an active part. A number of folks from those days are still active members there. UUSE has grown in numbers, expanding their building twice and deepened its presence east of the river, providing more  stability to the Greater Hartford “3 legged stool” of congregations (UUSE, USH and The Universalist Church of West Hartford).  Many UUSE founders came from USH. A surprising number of UUs in the area move back and forth among the three congregations.  Given the small numbers of Unitarian Universalists in the world, we can be very proud that we all contribute significantly to this strong UU presence in this region. For years music has been shared with joint musical Sundays. More joint efforts are in the works: Tom Gervais and his team are working toward shared spiritual pathways. There are opportunities for shared social justice work, as well as pulpit exchanges of ministers and lay people. “Roots hold us close. Wings set us free. Spirit of Life is strong among these three.“

~Marye Gail Harrison, USH Board Spiritual Life Chair