Our Co-Ministers

Rev's General Schedule and how to reach us

As a reminder as we begin another church year, here is our schedule of when we are generally working and available. We strive to be available while also protecting time for strategic thinking and worship planning, as well as our non-USH time for family, RevHeather’s role as half-time Consulting Minister in Danbury, etc. It’s easiest for us to schedule with you a couple weeks (or more!) ahead, unless something comes up that is truly urgent.

To schedule with RevCathy, use the scheduler at this link: https://RevCathyRionStarr.as.me/ or email (revcathy(at)ushartford.com) or call (860-233-9897x103). To schedule with RevHeather, email RevHeatherRionStarr(at)gmail.com or call 860-233-9897x103.

  • Sundays We are here and focused on worship and greeting members and newcomers, as we hope everyone is! (If you really must talk business, please save it until after the receiving line ends.) We are off one Sunday a month, and RevHeather will be in Danbury some Sundays as well.
  • Monday Sabbath. This is the one day that we are completely off and unavailable unless someone is in the hospital or the building is on fire. (Note that RevCathy often turns off her cell phone, and you’ll occasionally see RevHeather catching up on work on Mondays.)
  • Rev Heather is in the office Tuesday & Wednesday and is available sporadically other days.
  • Rev Cathy is in the office Tuesday & Thursday. Wednesday and Friday are reserved for sermon writing and not working.
  • Evenings and Saturdays We meet as needed with groups, though we try to limit our evening meetings to two per week. Saturdays we are available by phone for urgent matters, Sunday logistics, memorial services and weddings.

Who does what?

RevCathy is Lead Minister for the Spiritual Life Council (Worship, Religious Education, Music, Chancel Arts) and the Social Justice Council and subcouncils. RevCathy is also lead minister for all things finance.

RevHeather is Lead Minister for Administration (Building, Art, Archives, Library), and Community Within (Membership, Adult Programs, Caring Network, and more).

We both share worship, pastoral care, and Board work. Feel free to contact either or both of us for any of these things.