I am trying to lose weight again. I’m down 10 pounds since January 1. I’m proud but I haven’t reached my goal yet. I have 7 pounds to go. I am tempted to say, “Close enough.”  Do you ever get to that point on your way to a goal (weight loss or otherwise) that is important to you? Do you ever feel you have stretched as far as you can and your toes are still out of reach (metaphorically speaking)?  What helps you go on? At Seabury a fitness instructor and I have organized a “Weight Winners” support group to help us keep going until we reach and then maintain our healthy goals. We came up with some motivational tips that I realize have application in all parts of our lives.  Aside from a tip to get a dog and find a support group, other ways to stay motivated are to set realistic goals in the first place and make them public to our family and friends, journal in detail what we are doing toward our goal, celebrate small success along the way, forgive ourselves for setbacks remembering we are living beings not machines.  I noticed that one could consider these tips as good spiritual practices – ways to treat ourselves that are nourishing in body, mind and spirit.

Blessed be, Marye Gail Harrison, Chair Spiritual Life for USH Board