Stewardship 2019

Our USH ship is steady, and we want to keep it that way!  During the month of March, we’ll share some of the many things we celebrate and our goals for this year’s Stewardship Drive, and we’ll tell you about the amazing ministerial intern who will join us next January!  
To keep our ship steady, we need everyone’s oars in the water to move this beloved boat called USH forward by making a pledge and continuing to give of your time and talent! 


You are cordially invited to A USH Stewardship Soirée* during the month of March

These are fun, festive events at the home of a fellow congregant and will provide an opportunity to socialize and get better acquainted or re-acquainted with fellow Meeting House members. You choose which one you want to attend.

It is also a time to consider why USH is important to you, it’s significance in your life and to translate that into your annual pledge. We encourage you to use the  Fair Share Giving Guide as you consider your pledge for next year.  

You can see a listing of the Soirées and sign up at Signup Genius here or after worship at the Stewardship table in Fellowship Hall. 

Join your friends and family from USH for an afternoon or evening of joyful giving, food, drinks, and camaraderie!

*a party or social gathering, especially one held for a particular purpose

Any questions? Email Caron Lanouette at


If you’d like a preview, you can download important info here:

Fair Share Giving Guide 

Pledge.Card.2019-20 (docx)

Pledge Card (pdf)

Online Donation