USH Responds to Theft of #BlackLivesMatter signs

The Unitarian Society of Hartford (USH) is calling Love “unstoppable” in response to the 12th theft of our #BlackLivesMatter lawnsigns since we put them up in August.  In the most recent theft, the thief replaced the signs with a Trump for President lawnsign. (USH is a non-partisan organization and does not take stands for or against any candidates.)

“Our faith calls us to build the Beloved Community, and rather than condemn those who steal, we are calling on our political leadership to join us in a call for abundant Love, to renounce racism and embrace justice,” said Rev. Cathy Rion Starr, Co-Minister of the congregation.

For the Press: USH Sign Theft Press Release 5/13/16

For those wishing to attend the event Sunday, 5/15/16: Facebook Event with full info